Sabres RFAs

Thankfully, the Buffalo Sabres won’t have a lot of RFA drama this offseason.  As far as RFAs that made any sort of roster appearance with the big show this year, well, there ain’t that many:

  • Tim Kennedy
  • Patrick Kaleta

You know those guys are coming back.  Neither one is worth enough for another team to make an offer sheet for, but they hold down important roles on the Sabres.  The next tier of RFAs are the ones leading the way for the Portland Pirates:

  • Mark Mancari
  • Marc-Andre Gragnani
  • Mike Weber
  • Phillip Gogulla

Mike Weber (who got some PT with the Sabres a couple of years ago) is a guy that some are looking to step up to the show potentially, if Tallinder and Lydman both end up leaving.  No guarantees though, considering that Sekera and Butler had basically been sharing the 6th d-man spot down the stretch.

The third tier of RFAs are guys I know very little about, to be honest.  You can get more info on them at Sabres Prospects, but if there are any RFA types that don’t get tendered an offer by the Sabres, it’s these guys

  • Matt Generous
  • Jean-Phillipe Lamoreaux
  • Michael Kostka
  • Derek Whitmore

Not a bad year for Restricted Free Agency for Buffalo.  Only one guy is arbitration eligible, and he’s in the third tier (Generous).  Shouldn’t be too much stress there.

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