On Zack Kassian

As you all have heard by now, Zack Kassian was arrested after a bar fight the other day.  The linked article at the Windsor Star has what few details there are, along with an epic picture of BZK that more than anything makes him look like a jerk.  One of the commenters at this article says the other guy ‘got what he deserved’.  Put as much stock in that as you would any random, anonymous internet comment.

You have to wonder what this will do to Zack and his ELC.  Just a few weeks ago, it looked like Darcy was leaning towards signing him up and giving him a shot, now, who knows?  Would another year in juniors fix maturity issues?  Will being in Portland?  For that one, it might depend on whether or not Kevin Dineen jumps on one of the NHL coaching jobs.  The Sabres NEED his size and physicality, so it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on this situation over the next few weeks.

edit:  Well this post was timely.  The Buffalo News reports Kassian was formally charged in this matter.

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  1. I think how he performs as a person between stints at rookie camp and stints at training camp that will determine how Darcy moves forward on this kid. However, I do think he’ll get signed anyways.

  2. Kassian’s not eligible for Portland next year, so it’s Buffalo or back to the juniors. Similar to Myers’ situation last year.

    Maybe it’s better to have him here around guys like Grier, Miller, and Rivet. He seems to be jumping out of his skin at his current level.

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