Buffalo Sabres 2010-2011 Schedule: WTF

As mentioned, the Buffalo Sabres (along with the rest of the league) have announced their schedule, and it’s a doozy (click here for the full sched).  After the road opener in Ottawa, the next 4 games are home against some solid opponents.  The season goes loopy after that, though.  There are TWENTY-TWO back to back games, most of which involve travel (only 4 are both home games, I read from Chris at the Roost, IIRC).  A home game against Boston in the middle of the usual west coast swing.  A seven game roadie at the beginning of March (playoff positioning on the line).  Crazy.

Buffalo should be on National TV a good bit, as they are frequently playing US teams on the typical Versus Monday and Tuesday timeslots.  For NBC, I bet the Saturday March 5 Sabres/Flyers game ends up there, with a few other possibilities.  I have to look it over more later, to see if there’s a good road trip game for me and the boy, and look at what games I may try to attend.

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