Sabres Draft Day Results

The Sabres 2010 draft class is complete, which if you need to refer to it, can be found here.  Speaking as someone who is just reading up on these guys now, after the fact, I like it.  It sounded like the Sabres missed out on who they really wanted at 23 (Riley Sheahan who went to the Wings at 21), but got a very solid defensive D-man in Mark Pysyk.  The rest of the class shows the Sabres’ plan – get bigger (as noted below), and go North American.

The other (more exciting) side of the coin is trades, of which there were few.  The ‘core’ is still here, it’s true, but there’s still plenty of time to make changes.  Trades and free agent signings can still happen, so judgement is reserved on that front.

By the way, if you played along with my previous post, here are your answers:

  1. Under.  Zero Tylers (the big pick named Tyler came off the board right away, anyway).
  2. Under.  Zero Euros.  Not surprising considering the past two years, but I’m shocked there wasn’t even one that was tempting enough to go for.
  3. Under.  The Ballard deal is the only one worth noting.
  4. Over.  Calling this over, two 6’2″ guys, one 6’4″ and one 6’5″.
  5. Didn’t get to watch the whole thing, unfortunately, but I’m assuming over.  I know from Twitter he was shown at least once.

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