RFA Target – Mason Raymond

I said I would try and start some rumors, so here you guy – if the Sabres can’t or won’t be able to afford Bobby Ryan, let’s go after Mason Raymond.  He’s been steadily progressing and improving, notching 25 goals last year as a left wing, though his scouting report shows he can play either wing.  Raymond was qualified at $708,000, but will command more than that.  The rub is he is arbritration eligible.  The way I’m reading things, his rights could be traded now, but if he opts for and accepts the offer from arbitration, he can’t be traded.

As for his play, I try to watch the late game on HNIC whenever it’s the Canucks or Flames as both teams have players I like.  I thought Raymond was a very solid player for Vancouver, and would look good opposite Vanek, especially since he’s a good playmaker as well as scorer.

While I doubt anything happens to bring Raymond here (or anywhere other than Vancouver) it’s not impossible, as the Canucks are up against it a bit.  They have just under $10 million in cap space, 8 forwards under contract not counting several they need to make RFA decisions about (Tanner Glass, Jannik Hansen for example).  Just something I’m throwing out there.

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  1. Raymond won’t be going anywhere via trade, and any offer sheets will be matched. He’s a big part of Vancouver’s offense and leaves a BIG hole in our top 6 if he leaves.

    We’re not necessary against it that bad, we have 8 spots to fill with 10mil. All those spots are in the bottom 6 and depth spots, our top 4D and top 5 Are all locked up. That money goes a long way when excluding Raymond all you have is sub 1mil contracts to fill.

  2. We’re probly looking at between 2.5 and 3 mil, I think we’ll see something like 2.875, similar to what Jiri Hudler got in Detroit.

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