Get to know Rob Niedermayer

The Buffalo Sabres came out of nowhere and signed Rob Niedermayer to a 1 year deal today.  It’s worth $1.15 million.  He is, of course, the brother of somewhat retired D-man Scott Niedermayer.  They won the cup together in Anaheim a few years back.  Rob (short for Robin, thanks Heather) is 35, and has played 16 seasons in the NHL.  Here is the first video you find of him if you search ‘Rob Niedermayer fight’ on Youtube:

Nice.  He’s had a 20 goal season, but is more likely to get you 10-15.  As a center, he was second best on the Devils last year in faceoffs.  He’s billed at 6’2″ and 210 pounds, and plays like he knows it.  This video of Rob being interviewed by Lindsay Soto is popular, not sure why:

Anyway, he most likely fits in as a checking line center with Grier on one wing, with the other one possibly in flux.  Ennis, Kennedy or someone else.  Moves could happen, people!

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