Derek Whitmore and a Whole Bunch of Crickets

Derek Whitmore (RFA) signed a 1-year deal with the Sabres, keeping him with the Portland Pirates this year.  He was a solid contributor there, scoring 18 times last season.

Beyond that, it’s quiet all throughout the league.  A few development camps are keeping the beat writers busy, but everyone is waiting for Kovalchuk to find his way to a team.  The teams in the hunt for Kovy aren’t signing or trading anyone until they know they need to, but once he signs there will be a chain reaction.  There are a few teams that NEED salary to reach the floor, so either they will overpay the lackluster free agents that are out there, or they will have to trade for some big money players.  Just wish it would happen now, and give us something to write about.

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