What to Expect: Ryan Miller

What can we expect next season for Ryan Miller?  He’s coming off his best year so far, with a 2.22 GAA, .929 SP, 5 shutouts, an Olympic silver medal, the Vezina trophy, and a super-hot girlfriend.  There are some causes for concern, no question.

First thing to look at is that the D in front of Ryan will be quite different.  Gone are Toni Lydman and Henrik Tallinder, in is Jordan Leopold (and most likely Mike Weber).  Definitely a few wild-cards there, barring additional signings or trades.  Tyler Myers has to mesh with a new partner and continue to progress.

Secondly, the workload comes into play.  Since Patrick Lalime is back as the backup (with some potential spot starts for Jhonas Enroth), you can rest assured Ryan sees 65-70 games again barring injury.  Really feels like a non-issue to me now as Miller had a tighter schedule last season and did well.

Why there is hope:  Miller’s game is about positioning, knowledge of the game and quickness.  All of which he’ll still have.  His even-keeled attitude is exactly what is needed for long term success.  For numbers, I’m thinking GAA in the 2.35 range, .920 SP.  43 wins.

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  1. Cause for concern is with a lack of leaders in the room the press and fans will once again turn to Ryan for answers since he seems to be one of a few with a head on his shoulders and a game to back it up. After a bit that has to get very frustrating. I know he is a calm cat but everyone has their breaking points when you realize your not getting the respect and tools you deserve. The Sabres need high level leaders outside of the goal department. Goalies have enough to focus on. Even more so at the level Ryan plays at.

  2. I think a big part of that would be getting a full, productive season out of Rivet. He can be that leader, on ice and off, but he’s gotta be out there, punching dudes and eating up minutes.

    I do see where you are coming from, though. There’s not a top 6 forward candidate on the team you expect to step in front of the cameras/microphones after a painful loss. There are some vets in the mix (Grier of course, now Niedermayer) but there’s nobody to be the vocal leader (a la Briere) or the behind closed doors, players-only meeting guy (Drury).

    There’s still time for moves, but I think it really comes down to someone maturing that’s already here.

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