Kaleta Under Contract

I had a really long, alliterative title thought up for this but I’ll spare you.  What’s important is Patrick Kaleta is back with the Sabres for 2 more years, at the very reasonable price of $1.815 million over those years.  When most folks were expecting $1.3 million +, that’s a deal.

Darcy’s arbitration play worked like a charm, and Kaleta is thrilled to be back.  It’s a win-win, for once, for the Sabres.  Patty needs to stay healthier, if he does, he might up his goal total to the 15 goal range, which for what he plays a night is a huge contribution, along with the insane number of penalties he draws.  By the way, if you want to have some fun, check out the comments about Kaleta at TSN or some of the other national news outlets, you really get a sense of how hated (and as such, feared) he is.

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