What to Expect: Tim Connolly

Now HERE we go.  The player everyone loves to hate, or at least strongly dislike.  He had 65 points in 73 games, with 17G and 48A.  7 PPG mixed in there, 18 minutes of ice time per game.  Not bad, really, just looking at the numbers from the outside.  But it’s all the other stuff that bothers you, isn’t it?  Pictures at bars…streaks of no scoring…injuries…whatever else you think of.  Fans are tired of not know what they get night in, night out.

So what happens to Timmy this year?  Here are the options:

  1. He gets traded before the season– There are a few teams that need to add salary or at the very least could use a playmaking center.  Darcy’s theory is the trade market will heat up after more of the free agents find homes, and I think he may be right.
  2. He gets traded at the deadline – Tough to see this really happening, if you assume the Sabres are in contention.  At the same time, it happened to Campbell so you never know.
  3. He plays out the season – This won’t be a popular option, I’m guessing, but I’m thinking it’s a likely one.  It’s going to depend on whether or not GMDR can find another ‘top 20 center’ to take his place.  You know Darcy isn’t dumping Timmy if there’s no good replacement.
  4. He sneezes and his brain falls out his ear – Just saying, it could happen.

What do I think happens?  My gut says he stays and plays out the season.  Next most likely is a pre-season trade.  As far as scoring?  If he stays healthy (!), you can pencil him in for 20G, 50A, but you are more likely to see 15G, 40A in an injury shortened season.

2 Replies to “What to Expect: Tim Connolly”

  1. I dont think he will be traded at all. When Darcy spoke of Connolly being 1 of the top 20 forwards in the league, he was right. Look at his stats from last year. Hes not gonna trade Connolly even on his worst day. (That doesn’t mean if he has a bad season they wont resign him next year though) Connollys numbers last season tell me that he won’t be traded this season. Darcy can seem dumd as a doornub some days, but he wont let Tim go without getting a 1st line center at least.

    So, im going with option 3. He plays the season out and we’ll see.

  2. I will agree with you that he probably isn’t going anywhere. He is a good player, just fragile. I kind of look at him like LaFontaine at the end of his career. You just wonder when the big hit is coming that is going to take him out long term. He has neck/back issues that keep him from sticking his nose into places. I don’t blame him. I am not a big fan of pain either. He played in the playoffs with a broken foot. I give him credit for that too. I don’t dislike him. I like many others think that there are better options out there for our number one center.

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