What to Expect: Derek Roy

Derek Roy led the team in points last year, had 26 goals with 10 on the powerplay, and managed only 2 assists in the playoffs.  He logs a lot of minutes (as a number one/two center should)).  So what will happen this year?  We’ll get more Cellino and Barnes, that’s for sure.

Derek Roy is nothing if not consistently productive.  25-30 goals, 45 or so assists, solid power play contributor.  I’d have no problem predicting him to be right in that range again.  He’s been healthy, another plus as compared to Timmy.  Roy is the more tradeable of these two, with a $4mil cap hit to boot, but like I said for TC there really aren’t too many better options on the market so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

A bit of a confession – I don’t hate Derek.  Since he’s cut down on the yapping and the diving, I’m perfectly fine with him being on the team.  It wouldn’t break my heart to see him and his fauxhawk somewhere else, but there darn well better be a 30 goal scorer returning.

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  1. While he can still be infuriating, I don’t think you dump Derek either. As you mentioned, with his reasonable cap hit and decent production, I can’t complain too much. I have more of an issue with Connolly’s playoff performance for some reason. It seems like Derek made a few plays during the series, where Timmy was completely invisible.

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