What to Expect: Tyler Ennis

The wheels for this one started turning when someone mentioned that an HFBoards post had Tyler Ennis on a list of guys to watch for the upcoming season’s Calder Trophy.  I honestly hadn’t even considered him a candidate, if only for the fact that I didn’t want to be greedy and win it two years in a row (video scouting FTW).  Looking at his numbers, though, you can’t discount the possibility.

The shorter tower in the ‘Two Tylers’ (© Mike Grier) has ten NHL games under his belt, with 9 points (3G, 6A).  He was one of the best players in the playoffs as well, though unfortunately that was a small sample size also (1G, 3A in 6GP).  Ennis had 65 points in 69 games with the Sabres AHL affiliate Portland Pirates, including 9 PPG.  He could be an intriguing option to improve Buffalo’s mediocre powerplay.  Ennis has played C and LW, but barring a move of Timmy or Roy, will mostly likely stick with the Sabres as a winger.

What are his downsides?  Well, Tyler is yet another smallish forward in the mold of Roy or Kennedy.  It remains to be seen if he can be healthy for a full NHL season, what with the rigors of getting elbowed ‘accidently’ by Chara.  Can he get around the bigger stronger faster NHL forwards and d-men?  If he can do it, I could see him picking up 20 goals and 35 assists, continuing to get the 15min a night he was getting against the Bruins in the playoffs.

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