Get to know Shaone Morrisonn

I only had to check the spelling once for the title, but as stated, Shaone (pronounced like Shawn) Morrisonn was signed by Buffalo to a 2 year deal.  Financials not confirmed, rumored to be around $1.75mil/year but huge grains of salt there.  He’s 27, having played the last several years with Washington, at times paired with Mike Green.  1G, 11A last year, he is more of a stay-at-home guy that clears out the front of the net (6’4″, 210 lbs).  He had 163 hits last year, which would’ve put him first on the Sabres ahead of Kaleta.  His 104 blocked shots last season would put him second to Tyler Myers.

Other notes on Morrisonn:

Really, with all of this, he reminds of Jay McKee.  Big, similar numbers, shot blocker, hard hitter, all around tough guy.  Not a big splashy move, but definitely a guy that can play a role on this team now.

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  1. I am excited about this. It would be great to see the opposition finally meet some resistance while strolling in to the zone (besides Miller). We need a reliable stay at home D-Man. I like it and seems like a fair price if he is anywhere near last seasons numbers.

    1. Absolutely. And if Rivet can get healthy from his shoulder woes, that gives 2 guys that can steamroll in front of the net, two potential offensive d-men in Myers and Leopold, and a third pair with growth potential (picked from Weber/Sekera/Butler).

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