Void Them ALL, Let God Sort It Out

So you are telling me that the NHL has voided the crazy awesome Kovalchuk contract?  And is looking into some of the other super-longterm deals?  Nice!  But hey, there are plenty of other deals that don’t make sense, so I have a proposal:

  1. As part of the next CBA, roll back salaries again and lower the cap.  $60 million + is getting too high.
  2. After that, set a hard limit on the allowable length of contracts (5 years?  7 years?).
  3. Void all contracts that exceed that length.
  4. Have a contract draft (like an expansion draft) – teams can protect a certain number of NHL player contracts (10?), the rest get voided.  BOOM.
  5. Following that is REAL ULTIMATE FREE AGENT FRENZY the likes of which the league has never seen.  I suppose if you want to wuss out a bit, give the home team a week or two of exclusive negotiations with their former players.

Okay, I admit that this isn’t entirely serious towards the end there.  Imagine, though, how awesome it would be – every team in the league could get out from under their bad contracts, players could re-sign for what they are actually worth, and the balance of power could be shifted dramatically.  Every fan of every team would be interested…no more could fans of some teams sigh and fuss because ‘we like our core’ or ‘we are priced out of the market’.  You KNOW you’d enjoy it.

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