Homefield Advantages

A joking comment at work about the Vikings getting to wear actual horned helmets on the field has led to this post – if your team could have a true homefield advantage, what would it be?  Here’s what I came up with:

  • Minnesota Vikings – Wearing actual horned helmets.
  • Detroit Lions – In the red zone, there is a trap door where an actual lion comes out, Gladiator-style.
  • New York Jets – Jet.  Powered.  Skateboards.
  • New England Patriots – If a receiver gets behind the D, Bill Belichick is authorized to shoot them with a musket (non-lethal beanbag if you must).
  • Chicago Bears – Three times per game, an actual bear can be brought in at running back.  Must be taught to carry the ball with his front paws, and not eat Ed Hochuli.
  • Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo can lasso one potential tackler after handing the ball off.
  • St. Louis Rams – Blockers are allowed to ram their helmets into the groin of linebackers.
  • New Orleans Saints – Can ask forgiveness for 3 penalties per game (probably have to limit it to procedural stuff, and not personal fouls).
  • Buffalo Bills – Can replace a safety with an actual Bison.  If Ocho Cinco thought Donte Whitner could hit…

Anyone else have a good one?

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