Preseason Leafs Smackdown Thoughts

I went to the Sabres’ 3-1 win over the Leafs on Saturday, and have a few thoughts on what I saw (my phone was out of commission so no pictures, sorry):

  1. Kassian is a beast.  Too bad there won’t likely be a roster spot for him.
  2. Vanek glove-punching a guy was great.
  3. Ennis is going to be good, could be a good addition to the top 6.
  4. Stafford didn’t look out of place on the top 6 either, though, he had some physical plays.
  5. Gerbe knocked down Luca Caputi.  He gives up 9 inches to him (save your ‘That’s what SHE said’ jokes, please).
  6. Guy who whistled like a bird all game:  no one likes you.
  7. To the Leafs fan who whined that we had to use our ‘regular lineup’ to beat their rookies:  HA-HA!  I actually gave Toronto more of a chance with some of those guys in, since they weren’t corrupted by the pre-Burke/Wilson Leafs organization.

If I can manage to find the game on TV tonight, I’ll be watching from home.  Probably.  Here’s the lineup for this game, courtesy of the Buffalo News.  Maybe that Leafs whiner will be happy, since they will have a more ‘regular’ lineup for tonight.

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