Calm Down

Just a friendly reminder that Buffalo lost (regulation and OT/SO) 37 games last year en route to winning their division.  They 3 times lost 4 or more games in a row, including a stretch of 6 in a row.  I get the feeling they are still adjusting to new linemates/defense partners, and that certainly isn’t helped by Pominville being out.  There are definitely fixes that need to be made, but they sure do have plenty of time to make them.  Let it play out.

Speaking of Pominville/Hjalmarsson, the suspension made Woot’s news aggregation/humor post.

CHICAGO (UPI) — Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson has been suspended for two games following a questionable hit, reported Tuesday.

Hjalmarsson says that his hit, a techno cover of “Free Bird”, totally has precedent and is not even slightly questionable.

Sounds like something a Swede would do.

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  1. How about Myers? I didn’t think the jinx would happen but he does appear to be struggling. Sure, the team as a whole is struggling but he’s been turning over the puck like I’ve never seen him before.
    I don’t think Tallinder in the major factor, while it may have some impact. I’m thinking it may have something to do with the weight he put on in the offseason. In the past he’s had difficulty in adjusting to growth spurts, maybe this is similar.
    Also, he has changed his game some, notably being more physical, so maybe there’s just an adjustment period.
    That being said, I’m not worried about the team. I’ve seen a lot of positives so far: Roy, Stafford, Ennis, and Sekera have all stepped up their game. Yeah, Sekera made a mistake last game but he used to make those mistakes 3-4 times a game. He’s been moving the puck confidently and has a better shot than I thought.

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