On Kaleta

I know Kaleta has been getting slagged to various degrees for his antics in the last game.  I was in and out of the room for part of all that so I didn’t see it but it’s a bad game for Patty, no question.  I do want to give him credit, as games like this, where you maybe wince and shake your head at a play he makes, are few and far between.  On the whole, that’s pretty good for an ‘agitator’ who throws as many hits as he does.  Hopefully this won’t be a pattern, as Kaleta had reduced his recklessness a bit last year, and increased his offensive prowess in limited time.

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  1. I was a little disapointed to see him throw in a soft headbutt in a scrum. He doesn’t need to go there. It wasn’t full force and it was more of a side swing but really no one needs to do that.

    1. No, definitely not. I wonder if he even realized he had done it at the time, or if it was one of those GRAAARRRGH reactions when you’re really amped up in a fight (like the guys that bite, or hit dudes with their helmets, etc). Hope we never see it again.

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