Buffalo Sabres: The Week Ahead

The Sabres currently have a dismal 1-4-1 record, 5th in the NE, and the panic button is being mashed by some people.  It’s still way too early to do it, though.  Their schedule is busy, some of the parts have changed, so there are some expected hiccups.  This lull from Sunday to Wednesday is the first time they’ll really have some practices where they can work on their issues.  And they do have issues, no doubt.

Things to try:

  • Play Vanek on the PK.  He’s responded well for stretches with the extra responsibility in the past, and his defense hasn’t been bad.  Might keep his spirits up a bit to feel like more of a contributor.  Worth a shot.
  • Myers needs to just stop thinking and shoot.  I don’t know what the coaches said the to kid, but he’s falling into the ‘look for a play’ trap.  Half of his goals last year came from just saying “screw it” and shooting when he got the puck.  He needs to get back to it.
  • Sit Tim Connolly for a game.  I call this move the Stafford.  Timmy has been rough out there at times, and it’s time to make an example of him.  Roll seven d-men if you have to, or just put Pominville back in once he’s back.

You can go ahead and add in all the stuff the coaches say duringa slump, like ‘simplify their game’, ‘crash the net’, ‘get shots through’, ‘play the system’ (Lindy approved).  You guys know all that already, though.  Anything else you think they should try?

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