“Angry” Teams

I don’t buy the whole ‘angry team after a loss’ thing that’s being attributed to the Flyers last night, at least as it pertains to them beating the Sabres.  Yes, the Flyers came out ‘flying’ so to speak, but it was undisciplined.  It seemed like Philly was going fbeor the body at the expense of everything else (sort of like year one Kaleta) and as a result, the Sabres were able to get the lead.  The Flyers felt that the first period fight gave them a boost, but I don’t buy that totally.  I can see it providing a boost for them to score that Briere goal, but you should be able to recover from that and fight back after the intermission at the very least.

At the end of it, they got out-worked by the best players on the Flyers, and couldn’t cover for Miller having a less-than-stellar night.  He in particular blamed himself for getting upset on the uncalled goalie ‘contact’ by Briere.  I like that even after Flyers took a 5-1 lead, Buffalo kept working and got some goals back (Tyler Myers!  and Vanek had another goal), but it was THAT effort level they need to win their games.  They don’t work like that at home, and only worked that hard for about half of the game last night.  Still not time to push the you-know-what since there’s plenty of season left. (I know Adrian Dater hates those cliches, eff him)

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