Kassian Not A Solution

First spotted via a Bob McKenzie tweet, Zack Kassian is expected to sign his entry-level deal today.  BZK is tearing it up with the Spits, with 7 goals, 13 assists in 11 games.  He is the Sabres’ 1st rounder from 2009, 13th overall.

However, he’s not a solution for the Sabres woes, as he is not eligible to play except in an emergency situation, since he was not under contract before the NHL season started.  What is an emergency situation?  Here’s a good quote from The Puck Stops Here, who covered a similar situation with Brayden Schenn last season:

Under normal circumstances, after an NHL team sends a player back to junior, they cannot call him up for the remainder of the season.  The only exception to this is in an emergency situation, where the team could not otherwise ice a full lineup of players.

So that means no healthy scratch forwards.  Also, Kassian would have to be closer than the potential AHL call-ups, so he’d have to be the only option that could get there in time.  Not very likely.  So, we’ll still have to hold out hope for a shake-up trade of a certain top 20 center.

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  1. The importance of this deal is that Kassian can immediately begin working on earning a spot with the Sabres once his season ends instead of having to wait for his contract.

    1. Eh, they’d have plenty of time for that, he could’ve participated in the development camps again either way. Just wanted this up in case anyone (like me) wanted to know what an ’emergency’ situation was.

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