Some Random Thoughts

I have a few rare minutes to sit and write, but of course, I didn’t get to see the win against the Leafs.  I am a big fan of Enroth, saw some of his World Jr. work, so I was glad to see him do well.  Watching the highlights and reading random stuff:

  • Love that even the Leafs’ arena crew were fooled by Jhonas’s stop on MacArthur.
  • Love Enroth’s mask even more.
  • Hey, Komisarek, I know fights after clean hits are stupid, but man up and actually fight.  Montador never wins, anyway.  Don’t wrestle him down and then punch.
  • Nice chipshot, Roy.
  • Enroth had to make some tough, tough saves on breakaways and 2 on 1’s.  Is Lalime making those?
  • Really need to work on that ‘The Two Tylers’ shirt concept.  Ennis!

Should hopefully get to see most of the games this week.

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