Gameday 2010-2011 – Canucks at Sabres and SO MUCH MORE

The Vancouver Canucks come to Buffalo for a rare visit, in the 40th anniversary year of both teams’ existence.  According to the Buffalo News, it’s Miller versus Schneider tonight, denying Ryan Olympic vengeance, barring an outburst of Sabres goals to chase Cory Schneider.  Craig Rivet is “getting very close to playing” or retiring, if you believe’s NHL rumor mill.

  • The Islanders shuffled the deck chairs on the Titanic and fired Scott Gordon as coach.  He will be a consultant, which means they don’t want to be paying a guy to do nothing (other than Yashin).
  • The whole Colin Campbell fiasco should be getting more mainstream play.  Most likely the big guns are doing their own diligence first, though, so hopefully we see stuff soon.
  • Raffi Torres (now on the Canucks) has 7 goals.  *sigh*
  • As mentioned in the Buffalo News’s notes up there, this would be the 10th backup goalie the Sabres have faced, which is what happens when you a: have been bad and b: other teams have goalie injuries

I should be watching tonight, this could be another big statement game against one of the best in the West.

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