Waiting Game

Interesting, really, that the whole Pegula business drops when the team has it’s longest layoff (barring holiday/all-star type breaks).  This story would’ve dominated the sports media here completely, were it not for the death of Jim Kelley.  There are a TON of tributes to him from writers all over North America, with perhaps one of the best by Jerry Sullivan.  Not having grown up here, I missed most of his era, but it’s obvious even to me how much a part of the sports experience here he was.

On the Pegula story, it seems that the price is $175 million, a price Mr. Pegula is willing to pay as the rumors go.  Bucky Gleason has been doing some good work on this story, so he needs to be recognized for that so we don’t forget it after he brings up Drury and Briere again next week.

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