Burned to a Crisp

Hey, I’m making a Flames joke after that game, OK?  What utter crap.  If there was any doubt that the Sabres are done for the year, I think it’s gone.  Here is another game where they the opponent is supposedly just as bad, but the team didn’t show up.  Miller wasn’t great, the power play went 0-fer, and Ales Kotalik and Olli Jokinen both scored on them.  Kind of embarrassing, really.  Love that Drew Stafford scored (might he finally figure things out?) and of course, the Kaleta.  They turn right back around tonight in Edmonton (another 9pm game).

By the way, lay off Mark Jeanneret, guys.  He’s filling in for a legend, who is also his dad, and the biggest problem (volume) should’ve had a technical fix.  Let’s give him time.

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  1. I thought people were awfully hard on Mark Jeanneret too. He was not horrible at all. I wouldn’t be suprised if he sounds like a younger version of his dad before he was more polished.

    The team was much worse than Mark.

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