Mike Weber, Scoring Machine

SOMEONE needed to step up while Tyler Myers is out, and last night it was Mike Weber, who got his first 2 NHL goals and led the Sabres to a 4-2 lead over the Edmonton Oilers.  Weber also had an assist for a 3 point night, while Luke Adam and Jochen Hecht had the other 2 goals.

Buffalo needs to win these games, but they just haven’t consistently.  Secondary scoring happened last night, and honestly you might as well call it primary scoring with Timmy, Roy and Myers out.  The Sabres need to win 4 or 5 of these games for me to think about them managing a playoff berth.  Do you see that happening?

Congratulations, by the way, to Ryan Miller for finally getting win 200.  Despite the team struggling, he’s having a pretty nice few weeks (engaged to a hot actress, etc.).

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  1. Two point night for Hecht and Luke Adam gets his second goal, that’s huge. If we’re going to make the playoffs, those two need to play well and a 17 game scoring streak from Timmy wouldn’t hurt. Really, I’m surprised I don’t hear more of TC during all this. Last year it wasn’t clear who was the 1st line center between Roy and TC. It’s still a contract year and this is TC’s chance.

    Side note: what was wrong with Vanek last night? He had like 13 minutes of ice time. Flu maybe? He was pretty much invisible. We need him.

    1. I think we know what Timmy is capable of, but are through waiting for it/expecting it. If it happens, great, but he can’t be relied upon.

      I was actually curious about Vanek, too. I looked at his TOI chart, it was consistent from period to period, 5/6 shifts each, so either it was a demotion or he was sick. Though only one power play for Buffalo would have an effect, he’d normally have several minutes of PP time.

  2. Vanek had the most powerplay time of anyone on the sabres against the Oilers. The biggest problem for Vanek right now is who he’s paired with, a guy that shouldn’t be in the NHL (Gerbe) and a guy that wasn’t last season (McCormick).

    I don’t know why Lindy Ruff likes benching his best goal scorer, or why he cannot get the most out of talented European players (failing with Vanek, somewhat with Sekera, Hecht, Max, Kotalik, Kalinin, and Spacek) but it’s kind of an issue. We can’t make an entire team out of Paul Gaustads…

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