Shootouts, Showdowns, and Angry Eyebrows

Some random thoughts from someone who’s sports-watching was limited over the holidays…

1.  So I guess Drew ‘Angry Eyebrows’ Stafford sure does love playing the Bruins, eh?  Another hat trick, this time in a wild 7-6 shootout victory.  Stafford’s third goal tied the game with 30 seconds to go, and he added a shootout ‘goal’ too.  Tyler Ennis made some moves for the shootout winner on a night that wasn’t exactly goaltender friendly.

2.  Canada-USA goes down at the Arena tonight, in the semifinal round of the World Junior Championship.  Patriotic fervor is in full effect, even with the limited number of Americans who are aware of/care about the tournament.  All you need to know is that you can cheer for USA to beat Canada in hockey, and we won the last one too.  Let’s do it.

3.  Tomorrow’s Sabres game is at 9pm, which isn’t terrible, but the one after that is 10:30pm.  For someone that works at 6am, that sucks.

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