I freely admit I dozed off last night, when Canada was up 3-0 and looked to be in complete control.  I stirred for a few minutes, saw them still leading 3-2, and went back to sleep.  My wife came home from work and changed the channel to Top Chef (BARF) so imagine my surprise when I check twitter later and see that Russia kept right on scoring and WON.  Was it a comeback or a chokejob?  Probably depends on your allegiance, really, how you look at it.  After winning 5 straight golds, that’s two straight silvers for Team Canada, and as I stated before, it’s great for the tournament.  Congratulations to the Russian team (who apparently got so schnockered they got kicked off the plane home), my condolences to Zack Kassian, Marcus Foligno and the rest of Team Canada, and see you in Calgary next year.

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