How an NHL Guardians Cartoon Could Work

Having read Puck Daddy’s breakdown of the future of the Guardian Project (i.e. it’s with us for a while), and I got to thinking about ways it could be improved.  Specifically, their problem with creating a cartoon or other TV show around it.  It was mentioned that the dude from GME (Guardian Media Entertainment) balked at doing a show centered around 4 characters.  However, I think that could work, and what show do they need to look at for inspiration?  Captain N:  The Game Master.  Yes, I went there.  In Captain N, there was a core group of characters each week (for our purposes, you could have The Capital, The Penguin, The Red Wing, and another of your choice), and then have each episode center around assisting one of the other Guardians in their ‘realm’ or home rink or what not.  Include cameos from that team’s star players if you like.  The heroes bicker but ultimately come together just in time to defeat the villain, and shake hands at the end (well, not the Penguin).  Hey, if they play up the campiness like Pro-Stars or Captain N, it just might work.  What say you?

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