Crazy Trade Proposals

I’ll admit I don’t troll HFBoards (or follow Eklund) so I don’t hear most of these, but a few of these have come to my attention lately so I thought I’d share.  For example, it was mentioned in the comments of this Die By the Blade post that there was a ‘Bruins want Vanek’ rumor floating around.  I’m sure Boston would love Atlas, but I think that Buffalo would remember just in time that you have to score to win games.  The money would be tough for them too.

Slightly less egregious is Adam Proteau positing that Steve Montador is one of the top 10 players most likely to be traded.  While he is a UFA, I would’ve been more likely to agree with that position if the Sabres weren’t 2 points out of the playoffs with games in hand.  I think most people here want him re-signed, not traded, and I have to think a steady defenseman you don’t have to worry about would be a good thing to keep.

Any other crazy trade proposals out there?

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