Pegula Eve

I guess if the Sabres are going to lose 3 straight, the best time to lose them is when other teams are losing too and you can stay 4 points back of the playoffs.  Buffalo wasted a dominant performance by Miller, who did his best to bail the team out but he can’t score goals.  At least, not without a lead and an empty net at the other end.

With the Sabres not playing until Wednesday, the focus will shift to tomorrow’s press conference, where Terry Pegula offically ‘takes over’ the ownership from Tom Golisano and gives his first press conference.  We are all waiting to see what he has to say, and more importantly what he and the team does going forward.  The first mile-marker for Pegula is the trade deadline.  Will his ownership change what Darcy Regier does?  It seems like it should, but how much of the recent moves (and non-moves) are Darcy, and how much are Larry and Tom?  We’ll see.

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