No Financial Mandates

Well, the press conference is over, tears have falled, but no axes – yet.  Darcy Regier has free reign to improve the team with ‘no financial mandates’ in place.  This is his trial run.  Can he improve the team?  Will he part with players he drafted to do it?  Draft picks?  There are no more excuses, that’s for sure.  More scouts, better player development budget.

The presser hit the right notes for locals – Pegula came off as a funny family man, sitting near his hero Gilbert Perreault, firmly taking the helm while looking a bit uncomfortable on camera.  He joked with Ed Kilgore, jokingly deferred to his wife about the carpet and arena upgrades in the arena, and called his two twitter celeb daughters his ‘tweety-birds’.  He has our full attention, now he and Regier have to knock the trade deadline and this first off-season out of the park.  No pressure.

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