Bruins and Canadiens: Appointment TV?

The Bruins and the Canadiens play their sixth and final game of the regular season tonight, and the last two games have been quite memorable.  You have Chara ramming/guiding/elbowing/brushing Max Pacioretty into a stanchion between the benches (with the word used to describe it differing based on your rooting interest) in the last game.  The game before that was an 8-6 penalty fest that saw multiple line brawls, a half-hearted goalie fight, and numerous ejections.  What does that mean for tonight?

Nothing.  IF any crazy shenanigans happen, it will be due to actions that happen tonight.  Both teams know full well this game will be watched VERY closely by NHL hockey ops, and the playoffs are too close to have someone important sent off for message-sending.  There will be fights, I wager, between the usual combatants, but unless someone elbows somebody in the face or Chara goes full Wookiee on a guy again, this game will be a tame one.  Even though we may want these two teams to beat each other up.

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