One Small Step Back

Yes, the team looked like crap much of the game.  Yes, Miller whiffed on a few.  And Yes, it was the Leafs, who I will ALWAYS hate losing to.  At the end, it’s still one game.  The Sabres are still solidly in their playoff position, and can improve their chance to hold on to it immensely tonight by beating the Rangers.  It would help if the Habs could beat the Hurricanes, too, but they should focus on what they can do.  Besides, the game after is against the Canes, best to look at beating them directly when the time comes.

Any positives?  Vanek and Pominville scored, putting the Population at 20.  Drew Stafford was noticeable again, and so were Gerbe and Ennis.  Reimer made some big stops on those guys at times, and they missed on their own a few others.

I would like to give a big eff you to the officials last night.  They didn’t cause the Sabres to lose, though they tried, but their inconsistency was almost laughable.  They went most of the game calling very little, then called a very weak hooking penalty on Vanek.  That was followed by an obvious make-up call in Buffalo’s favor when they called the same penalty on Boyce a few minutes later.  There were blatant dives and embellishments missed, again on both sides, but it’s got to be tough for the players to play in a game where you have no idea what’s going to get called.

I’ll be away from home tonight as my son’s Cub Scout troop is going to Lasertron.  I’ll DVR the game and check in on it between matches.

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