It’s NOT About Miller VS Enroth

Look.  I personally have not heard any fan (either around the water cooler at work or from the people I choose to follow on Twitter) say Enroth should start over a completely healthy Ryan Miller.  There are always people who like the backup goalie or QB when they play well, but what I’m seeing is more “yeah Enroth is awesome too!” than “He’s better than Miller!”.  WGR has had an on air personality or two asking if Enroth should start until he loses, but beyond that, it’s Miller as the number one.  I can’t speak for WECK, as I haven’t listened (sorry, I can’t stand political talk and I avoid stations that play it).  There’s more furor over the furor about this imagined discussion than anything.

It’s not a perfect example, but this reminded me of the win streak that Biron and the Sabres went on back in 2005-06.  Miller wins the job, does pretty well, gets hurt, Biron goes on a run, but Miller is the guy.  Biron may have gotten a few extra games here and there because of his performance but everybody knew who the goalie of the future was.  Miller is still the goalie of the future and the now.  Having an actual backup that is trusted just strengthens the team and gives options for future acquisitions.

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