The number you need to know is one.  One point seperates the Buffalo Sabres from the playoffs.  They can get the point themselves, either tonight or tomorrow night, or the Hurricanes or Rangers can hand it to them by losing, even in OT or the shootout.

Of course, the much more satisfying way to do things is for the Sabres to take care of their own business and win out.  Philly (tonight’s opponent) hasn’t exactly been instilling confidence in their fans, and they had a closed-door chew-out session with their GM.  Columbus (tomorrow’s opponent) is in a tailspin of epic proportions, having only 3 wins since the beginning of March.  They will also be operating on short rest as they play Nashville tonight.  Things are stacked in the Sabres’ favor.

Let’s see them accelerate into the playoffs.  Bust down the door against Philly, and roll that momentum forward.

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