Split Down The Middle

The Sabres returned home from Philly with a split in the series, 1-1.  Two one goal games, a cubic ass-load of penalties and one goalie switch already happening with Boucher getting the game 3 start after ‘Bob’ was chased.  I like what Lindy said about the physical play, that he’d rather see the team go too far with it than not far enough.  Cut down on the interference-type penalties, keep up with the physical play, and bring home game 3.  Some notes:

  • Looks like Pronger is still out.  Yes.
  • Mancari and Persson are sent back.
  • Nathan Gerbe is small.
  • Patrick Kaleta is from Angola.
  • Tyler Myers played Junior Hockey in Kelowna.
  • Sorry about those last three, thought I was Pierre McGuire for a second.
  • Drew Stafford needs to score, if only for everyone to see that he’s growing a mustache w/mutton chops from the looks of it.

Taking the boy to his first official Taekwondo class tonight, but will be DVRing the game and watching as soon as I can.  Let’s go Buffalo!

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