About that booing…

Collecting my thoughts on the game, but I need to address this.  I was there last night, heard the cheers and the boos.  I’d like to offer an explanation for the latter, which may not be true for all who participated but I think it will cover most.

I think the seeds of it starts back in the first period.  Buffalo carried the play, got one goal, and seemed to have the game in the bag.  The second period was more even but there were signs of trouble – too many giveaways and failed entrances to the Flyers’ zone.  We were living and dying with every save.

The elbow by Richards gives the Sabres a chance – a chance to break the game open, plow the Philly jerks under and ride off into the sunset triumphantly.  Take the pressure off Miller.  Oh, but that power play.  I don’t think we could understand how a team that looked that good even strength in the first, could look that atrocious up a man in the third.  The frustration came to a head as, over and over again, Buffalo couldn’t even get the puck in the Philly end.  Where was this dominant first period team?  Every second that passed on that power play was more bewildering than the last.  Whether you agree with it or not (I didn’t boo), there’s only one way for people in a crowd to voice their displeasure audibly.

It’s funny…we were exhorted by media and fans to be ‘loud’.  There was a concerted effort from all in attendance to do just that.  The crowd was all in, with deafening cheers, helpful whistles, and yes, boos.  I find it difficult to expect a crowd to be boiling with emotion…except for the 10 minutes where the team is playing like Keystone Kops.  When that happens, just sit quietly and politely.  Right.

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