Poll: How do you handle the Versus games?

Yet again, Buffalo is a popular choice to appear on Versus (soon to be renamed), the NHL’s main television partner in the United States.  For Sabres fans who love Rick Jeanneret, that leaves us a bit put out.  The solution is to (as the radio partner of the Buffalo Sabres, WGR550 will tell you) is to turn down the TV and turn on the radio…but do you actually do that?  I am curious as to how many of you do, so answer in the poll below:

Versus games: What do you do?

  • I watch with the Versus sound up. (47%, 8 Votes)
  • I watch with the TV sound down and RJ and Harry on the radio. (41%, 7 Votes)
  • I do something else (elaborate in comments). (12%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 17

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4 Replies to “Poll: How do you handle the Versus games?”

  1. I do the same thing I do for all of the games. Listen on WGR550 online or find a stream of it. Stupid Dish Netsuck doesn’t carry MSG and Versus is in their high-end packages.

  2. Personally, I enjoy the Versus games. Verizon FiOS doesn’t have the HD rights (yet, they won their lawsuit to get them but it’s being appealed), so the Versus (or is it NBC Sports Network?) games are the only ones I get in HD. And I have no problems with their commentators, so I leave the sound on from the television. Sure, Rick is better, but I treat it like a game he’s on vacation for. With his reduced schedule this season, I’m not sure it’s anything different.

  3. I go out to watch at a bar with friends because the conversational chatter during the game is often better than what Versus provides. I actually like Emrick, but the rest of their staff drives me nuts.

    Also, I don’t care if I’m watching in SD or HD or whatever. Some days I just decide to listen on the radio.

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