Myers Close to an Extension

Hey, more awesome Sabres news!  According to the venerable Bob McKenzie over at TSN, Tyler Myers (along with the Islanders’ John Tavares) is very close to signing a 6 yr contract extension, worth around $5.5mil per year.  If true (and if there’s anyone out there I’d trust for this, It’s Bob McKenzie) that’s a great number for Myers and the Sabres, and it clears out one potential bit of drama for next offseason.  I for one certainly don’t want to have any Stamkos-esque “hey what if we sign Myers to a huge offersheet?  I’ll hang up and listen” garbage from other fanbases.  Tyler has quickly become one of the faces of the team along with Ryan Miller, and is a key component in making and keeping this team a Cup contender.  I may seem like a broken record saying this, but I can’t wait for the season to start!

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