Preseason – The Best Time to be a Leafs Fan

I watched both Leafs games over the weekend (including the one here in Buffalo in person) and it struck me, watching the drunken obnoxious Toronto fans, that this must be their favorite time of year.  There is hope, manufactured by their fever dreams about their prospects.  Any win is an indication that things will go well this year, and a close loss is the Leafs ‘standing toe to toe with the “contender” Sabres’.  Can’t forget the quotes around that.  You can bet your ass they’d tout Buffalo as a contender (no quotes) if the Leafs had won either one of the games.  They are the first to try an smirk at the Sabres’ offseason pickups, so it was GREAT to see Ehrhoff being so instrumental in their defeat.  Oh, I almost forgot how much the Leafs fans enjoy snarking about the Sabres relying on Miller to win games, when their faint playoff hopes are basically on ‘Optimus Reim’ not being a Steve Mason-esque one year wonder.

So crow while you can, Toronto.  Take close losses in the preseason as fact that you are ‘closer’ to your betters, but remember your place in the regular season.  Which is 4th in the division (hey, Ottawa won’t be any better).  At least you have that.

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