Gameday LIVE – Senators at Sabres

In the pressbox tonight, so I’ll be updating this post with my thoughts between periods.

1st Period:  Wow, two quick goals.  And they give one right back on the PK.  Fun stuff.  Anderson was terrible with his rebounds so Alex Auld is in net.  Some dude proposed on the Kiss cam.  I’ve wondered whether there are any people who are already engaged and just do that to get on TV/get attention.  The rest of the period had a slower pace with a bit more of the dodgy passing, though not nearly as much as the recent losses.  Vanek is a touch off.

2nd Period:  Leftover penalty time killed easily.  Not much action then Enroth had to make a beauty of a save.  Vanek making some noise again, but the wraparound wasn’t there tonight.  Sabres powerplay showed some life with a short 5 on 3, with some very solid keep-ins and puck movement, but no goal so far.  Enroth got wiped out when Zenon Konopka shoves Gragnani into him, drawing a penalty.  Some activity in front of the Buffalo net, and Gaustad getting a bit testy when clearing the crease.  Will be watching in the third.

3rd Period:  Sens fan in the building, wearing a hockey helmet.  Good planning.  Stafford and others had some hard hits to start also.  Goose just missed a tip in.  Ville Leino scored on a reviewed goal that came out of Auld’s glove, and the Sabres got a little ‘fancy’ (DRINK) for a few minutes after that.  Not unexpected in a 5-1 game.  That’s the final, though they did get a solid chance to score on Auld again close to the end.

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