Will “The Schedule” Become the Next Great Lindy Ruff Meme?

We’ve all had fun with Lindy Ruff and the players and their constant use of ‘The System”.  “We didn’t play the system tonight” or “We’ve got to get back to playing our system”.  Now, with the goalie stuff going on, we have ‘The Schedule’.  Which goalie is playing tonight?  It’s Scheduled.  Who does Ruff consider his number 1(A?) right now?  You’d know, if only you could see The Schedule.  Is The Schedule a physical construct?  Or just a metaphysical one inside Ruff’s mind?

The Sabres play the Senators tonight, and I heard that Chris Neil might not play.  That’s too bad, because I wanted Cody McCormick or Paul Gaustad to beat the snot out of him.  I think I’ll be home tonight barring anything strange happening.  But I have a wife and kids, so strange is possible…

4 Replies to “Will “The Schedule” Become the Next Great Lindy Ruff Meme?”

  1. Daniel Alfredsson will play though, so that’s always bad news for the Sabres.
    Jason Pominville said something in his post game press conference the other day that they can’t be afraid of the system, which is the first time it’s sounded vaguely scary to me. Hopefully the schedule never becomes that way.

  2. Yes…The system is our friend. The system only brings strength, power and positive Corsi numbers. The system must be protected at all costs.

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