Gameday 2011-2012 – Sabres at Senators

The Buffalo Sabres (well, mostly the Amerks) are in Ottawa to face the Sens tonight, and it seems the media there really like the idea of the two Foligno kids playing against one another.  Buffalo needs to come out swinging after getting their asses handed to them by the Penguins the other day, and beating the Senators, who currently sit 1 point behind the Sabres, would be huge for their place in the standings.

I wish I could get all ‘venomous’ on the team, but they are (barely) in a playoff position, dealing with an almost laughable amount of injuries, I pretty much only feel sorry for them.  It’s a miracle that they are only a tire fire some of the time.  I’m perfectly happy watching whatever happens now, with the hope that they can get healthy enough (Myers practicing!) to push for a higher seed.  There is time, though it’s hard to remember that in the midst of a season.  The young players aren’t going anywhere.  There’s plenty of time to make changes if things continue to spiral down.  I’ll still be here.  Go Sabres.

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