Buffalo Sabres Official App

For the longest time, I used SportsTap to get scoring updates on Bills and Sabres games on my Android phone.  At some point, though, the Sabres games stopped working completely.  I could still view the score, but it wouldn’t alert.  Removed completely, reinstalled, no change.  I switched to Yahoo’s Sportacular, an oddly named and somewhat ugly app that nevertheless worked quite well for updates.  However, the Sabres released their own official app yesterday, so I gave it a whirl with the Yahoo app still installed to easily compare and contrast.

Pros for the Sabres Official App:

  • Integrates video, media and news from Sabres.com
  • Scoring alerts include details like who got the goal/assists
  • Alerts came just before or simultaneously with the Yahoo! app
  • Many helpful extras, such as a map of FNC, a map of parking options around FNC, and special promotions for tickets or at the Sabres store

Pros for Yahoo! Sportacular:

  • Yahoo! blog integration (Puck Daddy)
  • Other sports available

I found myself uninstalling Sportacular in pretty short order.  If I was a big fan of another sp0rt, I might want to stick with the Yahoo! app, but I don’t need the Bills score that badly, and they only overlap part of the Sabres season anyway.  I hope future releases can pretty up the Sabres app a bit, and possibly make some of the menu choices bigger or easier to click on for those of us on phones with a smaller screen, but I was very happy with the experience using it last night.

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