Forget Pominville At Your Own Peril

It’s easy to forget Jason Pominville.  He doesn’t run guys over, he’s polite and non-controversial in his interviews, and doesn’t make waves off the ice.  We can’t even make fun of his haircut anymore.  Before this year, how many players on the team would you go through before you got to Pominville, if a new fan asked “Who are the Sabres’ best players?”  Remember even Bryan Murray, asked about Pominville’s magical short-handed OT series winning goal, asked about how a player got behind the D like that, answered “It’s Jason Pominville”.  We as fans have called him overrated, overpaid, and have hoped he’d be traded for someone, anyone else.  Eyebrows were raised when he was given the C, for sure.

It’s pretty clear that maybe Lindy and Darcy knew more than we did about the room and Jason.  68 points in 77 games, 5 game winning goals, while facing the tough minutes each night.  That strip of Ovechkin last night, and the comments after the game about the team wanting to impose their will on Washington, speak volumes to his leadership by example.  He works hard every time you see him.  We need to do a better job of remembering Pominville.  I bet Ovechkin doesn’t forget him for a while.  Just like Bryan Murray.

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