Hey, this thing is still here!  I’ve been quiet on the Sabres blogging front here, because aside from the Dev Camp scrimmage, little of interest has been happening in these parts.  And looming over everything is the potential lockout.  I started out fairly positive that things would be resolved mostly on time.  The words being said about the process were positive, and not so excessive that it seemed one side was fighting the other in the media.  Progress from the last time around!  But it’s still dragging, and the numbers being thrown around are still in the “I’m going to ask for whatever the expert said it’s worth” phase on Pawn Stars.

The last lockout was particularly painful for me.  I started watching hockey as a kid, but grew away from it as the game bogged down and got boring.  I went to a few games once I moved here, thanks to Adelphia giving away free tickets to it’s employees (my friends) like candy on Halloween.  I really got back into things in the playoff run leading up to the lockout, though.  I loved watching the Flames and the Lightning, and I was ready to be a full-fledged fan again…and then I got gut-punched.  I toughed it out, past the ridiculous posturing, stupid rumor bloggers and basketball. 

What’s coming up next, though?  It looks more and more like this season doesn’t start on time.  I was quite enjoying the pressbox on the rare occasions I could get in there and was looking forward to seeing the progression of that this season.  It’s also pretty hard to build up my kids as fans when the game randomly disappears for months (or a whole year) at a time.  I’m not one to blog about the ‘negotiations’ between the NHL and NHLPA so this space will probably be somewhat dark barring major player movement or something similar.

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