See You In December

So, yeah, lockout.  I find myself particularly unmoved by either side of the equation this time around.  I can never understand how the negotiations move so slowly, always start later than seems logical, involve only a few actual meetings, and seem to treat an actual deadline as something of a suggestion.  Both can say they are all about the fans, but we’re being condescended to.  The only honest one out there so far (that I’ve seen) is Paul Bissonette.  He pointed out that the players are trying to protect their futures, which I get.  Especially for a plug like BizNasty, who will likely never make big bucks (for a pro athlete), and may have a short career thanks to a major part of his job is being pummeled in the head.  The owners, of course, have every right to want to make as much money as possible.  I do have some trouble believing their accounting on some of this, but the fact is, it is a business for them, even if they are fans too.  I could imagine that Terry Pegula’s “if I want to make money, I’ll drill another well” probably went over well with Jeremy Jacobs and his ilk.

Anyway, now that the lockout is on, and the owners pulled the “this deal is only valid until tomorrow!” card out of the deck, I don’t expect much of anything to happen for a couple of months.  I can’t think the league will want to lose the Winter Classic, though that would be hilarious since Toronto’s involved.  But with little actual negotiating happening week to week, who knows at this point.  My interest wanes with every passing day, and football season is here for now.  I’ll see what’s up after Thanksgiving, or when the Bills are eliminated from playoff contention, whichever comes first.

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