Goodbye Lockout, Hello Season

You know, I didn’t sleep well last night, as you can tell by my 3am tweet on my non-hockey Twitter account about the movie Sahara.  I considered staying up for a while to see if anything was truly going to happen with CBA negotiations.  Nah, I thought – it might get done within the next few days, but not tonight.  Well, I guess it was technically this morning, but we’ll have a hockey season again!  I’m excited!

What’s that?  Why am I not raging at them for taking so long?  Or declaring they’ll never get my money again, or any of the other hyperbolic statements you’ve been hearing (or making)?  I’ve had my moments, especially after some of the really stupid statements have come out, but I knew I’d come back.  When the league is good, it’s the best hockey played by the best players in the world.  It’s FUN.  So why not watch it?  So you can sound like you are making some grand statement?  Will you enjoy that more than a Vanek snipe, or RJ call of Miller robbing a dude?  Have fun, I guess.  I’ll be over here, waking my kids again when Pomiville scores an OT winner.

I’ll have to reacquaint myself with the roster again – I did say I wouldn’t be checking in until things were done, and I mostly kept to that.  I know some other folks (especially ones that live in Rochester) have been doing solid work tracking the Amerks and our boys overseas, but I didn’t have the time to cover all of those different leagues.  I’ll be looking forward to talking real actual Sabres hockey with all of you again, and hey, maybe I’ll see you again in the press box.  (might have to get some well-read posts here, or my stats will look pathetic when I submit them!)

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