Sabres Gameday LIVE – Leafs at Sabres

I am blogging from the press box tonight, so this post will be updated after each period (and maybe once or twice before the game) with my thoughts as I have them.

Pre-game thoughts:

  • Grigorenko stays.  It makes the most sense.  He hasn’t been out of place, and it isn’t like he’s keeping somebody else important from playing.  There’s plenty of time to lock him up if he’s good.
  • Passed RJ while getting a hot dog.  That never gets old.  Good to see him up here.
  • Still cold.

First period thoughts:

  • First few minutes has some good pressure for Buffalo.  Foligno and Scott both involved.
  • Good clear by Pominville when they needed one.
  • Myers showing his physical side a bit.  Love that.
  • On the Leafs goal, Miller had the stop but there was nobody around to clear McClement away.  Should’ve caught it, though.  Letting Kessel skate right in afterwards too for a chance.
  • Great patience by Pominville to wait for the traffic to clear before shooting. And as @BNHarrington said, great keep in by Ehrhoff.
  • Weber’s fight was a great response, though Brown is a tough customer.  Kaleta went to the locker room, not what you want for a guy that has neck issues.

Second period thoughts:

  • Ott keeps winning faceoffs.  Is he the only one?
  • No Kaleta yet.
  • Just after I complained about Stafford being weak on the puck, he deals to a streaking Sekera who shelfs a backhander.  Nicely done.
  • And then they give it right back.  Typical of the D this year.  Ugh.
  • The Sabres D has quickly melted down and can’t clear.  3-2.
  • Some small signs of life at the 7 minute mark.  Probably means another Toronto goal is forthcoming.
  • Vanek trying to dig the puck out from under Reimer there.  Can someone else show up?
  • Ott stuffed on a breakaway…should’ve deked.  Hindsight of course.
  • 4 minutes of penalty by Hecht.  One down, one yet to be killed.

Third period thoughts:

  • Grigorenko back at it after being benched for a while, had a solid shot.
  • Foligno shows what to do when you lose the draw – paste the opposing player to the boards and try to get it back.
  • Great rebound clean-up by Mikhail Grigorenko for his first goal, and a great celebration with Foligno.  Great job, kid.  Tie game.
  • Sabres are working harder on the puck  now, and it shows.
  • Myers is not right.  Had a chance to wind up and blast one from the point, and Reimer snagged it easily.
  • Heartbreaker.  Miller doesn’t seal the shortside and the goal sneaks in with a fraction of a second left.  Frattin.

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